Finding the ground state configuration

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nuclei =
(eg. 31Si, 127Xe)





The lowest n start from 1.

The available range for Z = 1 to 109, and N = 1 to 126.

The ground state contains several configurations, for the most cases, the fill-nucleon-from-bottom-up configuration will be the dominant configuration, but some nuclei in the areas of island of inversion, the ground state will be dominant by the intruder configuration.

One also has to understand that the order sequence of single-particle orbit is not fixed. The residual interactions and the size of nuclei can influence the sequence. For example, the $^{121}$Sb ( with Z=51 and N=70) will flip the order of 1g$_{7/2}$ and 2d$_{5/2}$ of its proton single particle orbit, and hence its spin for the ground state is 5/2$^{+}$ ( not 7/2$^{+}$). It is recommended to check the experimental results from NNDC.

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