The FSU Gamma Cave Tour Guide (4 clips):

For installing a mass spectrometer form Yale University into our lab, the FSU Gamma Cave (experiment station) had to move to another place. So I had recorded a personal video to memorize the FSU Gamma Cave before the day that construction started.

old Gamma Cave x gamma array
Figure: (left) old FSU Gamma Cave, June 2015. (right) X gamma array, February 2016.

My CERN ROOT tutorials (on Youtube)

0 : installation

1 : File I/O (TFile Class)

2: Write a Tree (example 1-3)

3: Write a Tree with struct and class (example 4-5)

4: Read the tree file example 6-8

5: Read the tree file example 9-10

6: TChain

7: (misc) connect tree files with AddFriend

8: (misc) MakCode and MakeClass

9: Tree analysis Draw and TCut

10: Tree analysis TCutG

11: Tree analysis Scan

12: TEventList and TEntryList Classes

13: Basic 1D histogram and style setting

14: Basic 2D histogram and projection

topic: how to get the coordinates of a image

topic: neural network by TMultiLayerPerceptron and TMLPAnalyzer

series: Fit (TMinuit, TMultiDimFit, and more)

series: PyROOT basic

Simple JSROOT demonstration

Linux Related Tutorials

Command Line General Tips

Install Gnuscope

LISE++ tutorial (planning the beam for experiments)

VIKAR (Virtual Instrumentation for Kinematics and Reactions)

GEANT4 Related Tutorials

Install GEANT4