Physics Calculator

Here is a physics calculator ( a simplified version of LISE++).
The mass is from AME16. by 1 amu = 931.4940954 [MeV/c^2]

nuclei A =
nuclei Z =
amu =
Energy [MeV/u]
Energy [AMeV]
Bρ [Tm]
Velocity [cm/ns]

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Q Value [MeV] =

note1: unit [Tm]
FB = qvB = mv2/r. so qB = mv/r. We use p=mv, and then
qB = p/r. After rearranging the terms,
Br = p/q

Br = k * p/q, in unit of [Tm]
p in unit of GeV/c, q is charge in unit of proton charge. i.e. for 4He, q = 2.
k = 109/299792458.

note2: Q value for the ground state: 1+2->3+4
qvalue = (m1+m2-m3-m4)*c2.