'Ground State Configuration' Program Introduction

It is a small utility that shows you the ground state configuration from the 'extreme single particle' shell model perspective. Strictly speaking, a ground state configuration is a mixture of several possible configurations with the same spin and symmetry. So the configuration presented by this program is only some parts of the possible configurations.

Run the code:

I have installed the program at the polar server. The path is '/home/tai/3_programs/ground_state/. The executive file ground_state. Or you can download the sources from my GitHub repository (link)


The program will prompt a message to you, and ask to enter the nucleus you want to show. You can use chemical element symbol format, such as 31Si and 34P. Or you can type in 'x', and then input the proton number and the neutron number.


Note: you should be careful, it program only fill the shells by nucleons from the bottom-up (up to the 1p3/2 orbit). The nuclei in the regions of 'island of inversion' have intruder configurations as their dominant configuration( such as 11Li, 31Na, 32Mg, and more), and hence this program can not reflect these nuclei correctly.

Or you can try the online version, see here